Tom teaches you how to travel the world for free in his hilarious video.

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If you want another perfect example on how to travel the world for free, you should listen to Toms story. Tomislav Perkov used to be a stock broker and lost everything in the stock market crash of 2008. Sad enough he had to define the meaning of his life through his job, lucky that he managed to get where he is today. After losing his job, he started hosting couch surfers and preparing to travel, instead of looking for another 9-5 job.

Toms life on the road

Seems that this was a smart decision, cause not only he had a great time out there, hitchhiking, working, meeting people, he also has a youtube channel now and his videos have millions of views. He also released an ebook and several guides on how to travel for free. He has for sure mastered the art of effective travelling and if you want to do the same, you should really listen to him.

How to start to travel the world for free

Below this article you will find a video of Tom speaking to an audience of interested future travelers. It was taken at a meeting in Berlin and you will see that Tom is not different from any other traveler. He is not a survival specialist, had any extraordinary training, knowledge or money. He just had the courage to leave home and kept looking forward instead of being stuck.

5 ground rules on travelling cheap/free

  1. Ask people for advice. Often times you can catch a ride or spend a night without causing any cost or work to anybody.
  1. Learn some basics of the local language, no matter what country you are travelling in. It will open you doors you haven’t even noticed before.
  1. Don’t be afraid. Wherever you go there are already people and they mostly live a peaceful life. Be a traveler and not a tourist and they will treat you with the same respect as you would treat them when they show up in your hometown.
  1. Don’t be foolish. Would you walk that street at night in your own home town? Would you take that lift from 3 strangers in the middle of nowhere when you wouldn’t be travelling? Often times, common sense is the only thing that protects you and from time to time you will have to let the perfect lift go even if you are tired and desperate to travel on. When a situation feels sketchy and unsafe, get out of there as quick as possible or even better, don’t even end up there.
  1. Use your ressources right. There is very little to learn from reading a dozen articles in National Geographic or Tripadvisor articles. These picturesque writings are very well qualified to feed your hunger for a certain place, but they don’t really give you an insight on the actual situation. Better ressources are travel blogs, facebook groups or word of mouth from people who actually travelled there on the same budget as you.

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