Taiwan pays tourists to visit small towns in the country

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In an effort to boost tourism and support an industry that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan’s government has launched a new initiative to attract foreign tourists. The initiative offers to pay foreign tourists to visit the country by providing grants for their travel expenses during their stay.

Initiative aims to boost tourism industry hit by pandemic

The “Taiwan Small Town Ramble” initiative, as it is called, aims to encourage visitors to explore Taiwan’s lesser-known towns and cities beyond the typical tourist destinations. The initiative provides grants of up to NT$3,000 (approximately $100 USD) per day to eligible foreign tourists to cover their accommodation, transportation, and other travel expenses.

This initiative is not only a unique way to attract visitors to Taiwan, but also a testament to the country’s strong recovery from the pandemic. Taiwan’s response to the pandemic has been widely praised as one of the most effective in the world. The country has managed to keep the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths relatively low compared to other countries, thanks to its proactive measures, including border control, mass testing and contact tracing.

Taiwan’s tourism industry has been severely affected by the pandemic, with the number of foreign visitors dropping by more than 90% in 2020. The Taiwan Small Town Ramble initiative is a creative and innovative way to encourage foreign tourists to visit and explore the country, while providing much-needed support to the local tourism industry.

Why small towns and cities?

The initiative is not only beneficial to foreign tourists, but also to local communities. The focus on small towns and cities will bring attention to lesser-known destinations, helping to spread tourism more evenly across the country and supporting local economies.

Requirements for applicants

To be eligible for the grant, tourists must stay for a minimum of two nights and three days in designated small towns or cities in Taiwan. The grant is only available for travel within Taiwan, and applicants must provide proof of overseas residency, a negative COVID-19 test result, and a travel itinerary.

In conclusion, Taiwan’s “Taiwan Small Town Ramble” initiative is an exciting and innovative way to attract foreign tourists to the country and support its struggling tourism industry. The focus on small towns and cities will provide visitors with a unique and authentic experience of Taiwan’s culture and way of life. This initiative is an excellent example of how governments can support their tourism industry while promoting sustainable tourism and supporting local communities.

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