How to get free hotel breakfast and airport lounge time – VIDEO

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Original Photo by Alex Mihis

Say hello to Simon. He knows how travelling for free is really done. I personally experienced some things he does in his videos. Free hotel breakfast, spa-time and some form of free accommodation (the storage room is your friend) can be a lifesaver. But I certainly have never taken it to the level Simon goes for. If you haven’t seen him on YouTube before, here is a little teaser.

Some of these hacks are definitely illegal, and we do not encourage you to break the law! However, there are many other examples in the videos that are perfectly legal and can help you while you’re travelling on a very low budget.

Some things, like sneaking in or staying in a hotel restaurant seem to work surprisingly well. If you just walk through a ticket checkpoint, you can always claim you didn’t know better and the worst case scenario is that you get turned back. But as long as you stay polite and don’t claim something that belongs to a regular guest, you don’t really break the law.

I wouldn’t go so far to base my entire trip around these tricks. But finding a free and safe space inside a hotel lobby or having a hot meal and a cup of coffee can be really rewarding. Especially, when you are broke, it’s nighttime or below zero degrees outside and you have to kill a couple of hours.

It is surely an advantage if you look like a spoiled rich white kid. Although, with the necessary confidence, modesty and preparation, this kind of travel hacking is definitely easier than some might think.

Here you can learn more about how to travel the world for free.

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