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How to travel for free

FAQ – Why, where, who, when? What is travel for free?

How do you travel for free?

Everything costs money, everywhere. But if you can afford to live at home, you can also live in many other places. Connect that with budget friendly transport, and you go practically anywhere you want. To travel for free does not mean holidays for free. But if you want to see the world, there is always a way, you just have to find the one, that works for you.

The basic strategy is simple. Sublet your home, fly cheap but not too often, rent from locals, eat like the locals. Avoid tourist traps, travel agencies, expensive activities. And stretch your budget by working or volunteering.

There are thousands of people in our Facebook travel group that do just that. Feel free to join to share your knowledge or learn from others.

Why travel while on a budget?

Travelling is freedom. It takes you to places you have never seen before. You meet people you never met before. Ultimately, you learn a lot of useful things about the world and most important, yourself. That’s why travelling should not be a privilege to those who can afford it, but to everybody.

Especially if you are young and eager to learn, travelling is the best way to find out what to do with yourself and where to spend the rest of your life. That why you should travel, regardless of your budget.

Who is writing this blog?

This blog started as a facebook group of friends that travelled Europe around the year 2013. From sharing ideas on different travel hacks and good offers for flights and hostels, we quickly grew into a community of several thousand. As of 2019, Dora and Paul are our main authors and we try to invite guest writers whenever we can.

The biggest inspiration of course, is the input we receive from all the lovely people that share their ideas in our facebook group or here. If you also know about a great travel secret, that you want to write about, please get in touch.

Where can I go?

This is one of our hardest topics and one that will keep us busy for a long time to come. Unfortunately we are living in a time where nations and borders are still a thing. The result is, that people from different places might only be able to discover certain parts of the world. However, if you really want it and work towards your goal, almost everything is possible. And we hope there is a future in where everybody can go anywhere without restriction in whatever way. Until then, we try to help you to explore every part of the globe, that your passport can bring you to.

While a visa for certain countries can be almost impossible to get, there is always another place that is almost just as good or even better. If you are open minded and flexible you will have a great time, no matter where you are. And with every new place you visit, you will be one step closer to your goal. Even if you don’t know yet, what it might look like

When and how can I start?

This is entirely up to you! But from our experience it’s almost easier to leave without too many restrictions on yourself. Financial safety is a nice thing, but if you want to life a location independent lifestyle you have to move out of your comfort zone. Preparing everything down to the last detail will only keep you stuck in your old habits. That’s holidays, not travelling.

Go prepared, but leave some things to pure chance. A more relaxed approach will safe you tons of time and decision making. Once you arrive in a new place, you will learn everything you have to know within a fraction of the time, that you would have needed to figure it out online. Just make sure that you won’t be a liability to others. Apart from that, stick to the basics to stay healthy, warm and safe and get moving

What is the purpose of this blog?

We want to support you and show options on how to get around and have a great time while spending little or no money. The concept is to gather ideas on how to sustain yourself, while you are on the road. To help our readers to travel for free, we find all kinds of ways to achieve a location independent lifestyle.

You can either find remote work online, but you don’t have to be a digital nomad by default. There is plenty of opportunities to volunteer abroad or connect with people and projects that need your service at their location. Either way, you will need transportation, accommodation, food and friends, and we hope that we can guide you for a little while.

Useful links for your journey

Shared cars:
www.oszkar.com (HUN)
www.mitfahrgelegenheit.de (GER)
www.fahrgemeinschaft.de (GER)
www.hiphopride.com (AUS)
www.compartir.org (ESP)





www.helpx.net (AU & NZ)


Be a courier:

Travel deals:

Sue your airline:

Proof of onward travel:

Meet other travellers:

Airport WiFi passwords:

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  1. Vito

    It is always great to read inspiration travel quotes. I found the first quote from Anthony Bourdain to be particular moving. That is how I feel about my travel, 100%. It is about experiencing life, good and bad, and doing something good for it in return. Great job compiling this list!

    • Paul

      Great guy. RIP
      Which of his quotes? I like this one.
      “Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.”

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