Budget travel planning like a pro

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Travelling on a low budget requires quite some planning in advance. In this article I’m going to share a few proven budget travel planning methods that I have mastered over the years. Budget Start your travel planning with setting a … Continued

Flight Search Comparison – Our favourite websites to find cheap flights

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Welcome to our flight search engine comparison. In this review, we compare the best flight search engines. If you had different experiences or if you miss your favourite website, send us a message or comment below the article, and we … Continued

Tom teaches you how to travel the world for free in his hilarious video.

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If you want another perfect example on how to travel the world for free, you should listen to Toms story. Tomislav Perkov used to be a stock broker and lost everything in the stock market crash of 2008. Sad enough he … Continued


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FAQ – Why, where, who, when? What is travel for free? How do you travel for free? Life usually costs money, everywhere. But if you can afford to live at home, pay rent, buy your food and clothes, you can … Continued