Some might think, travelling is only possible with a lot of money. The truth is: You can travel without spending or working more, than you would at home.

Travel 4 Free is an effort to share our knowledge about ways to travel for people on a budget. We are part-time nomads, working as a freelancers while travelling and live a pretty normal life. But at the same time we enjoy the flexibility to travel where- and whenever we want to. We are also dedicated devotees and want to promote slow travelling. Not only because we find this way of travelling cheaper but also more enjoyable and a lot more sustainable.

We created a community and built this blog, because we would like to help everybody to travel cheaper and more efficiently. We think that every human being should be able to see the world without having tons of money saved in the bank. That’s why we gather and share information. Our articles are focussed around the daily necessities of a location independent life. Accommodation, budget transportation, where to find other travellers and jobs on the road. In addition to that we report from our experiences about working remotely share insights of a nomadic lifestyle.

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Lost in Paris
Hm,… where is this stupid Eiffel tower?


Lost in 40°C heat, but it was free.