Dublin to New York State for €69 with NORWEGIAN

Norwegian Air just launched a huge campaign for flights from Europe to the U.S. this summer.

It will literally be the cheapest way possible to cross the northern atlantic. Since there is already plent of inexpensive options to fly into Ireland from the major European cities, there is a good chance, that Ireland will become the next big flight hub for transatlantic travels.

It will make travels to the east coast affordable, but like all good things in life, this offer comes with a catch. But let’s talk about the good things first.

Price —> €69 one way

Norwegian Air New York

The price is unbeatable. There is a good chance that other airlines might follow this example, but for now €138 for a return flight EU-U.S. is still incredibly cheap.

Airports and routine

The first flight will take off in July 2017 and will depart per week as follows:

  • Dublin -> 5 times to Stewart International Airport in New York state and Providence, Rhode Island.
  • Cork -> 3 times to Providence
  • Shannon -> 2 times to Stewart & Providence.
  • Belfast International -> Weekly flight to Stewart & Providence.

How to get from Stewart to New York

As with many cheap flights comes the burden of using suboptimal airports in remote locations. Check first, before you end up in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go. Stewart International Airport is located in New York State, but about 88 miles up north-west from Manhattan.

Most commonly the Metro line north takes you from Salisbury Mills to Hoboken, New Jersey and from there to NYC Grand Central in about 1 1/2 hours for about 12$. Here is the schedule.

What else to know about your transatlantic flight?

Even if the flights are so cheap, please never forget to apply for your ESTA or Schengen Visa in advance.

If you are not traveling to the U.S., make sure to check out our blog post about our most favourite flight search engines.

Good luck with your flights and have fun out there!

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